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Multi -guest Streaming in wowza streaming engine


We are working on a video streaming app like Bigo Live.We are using Wowza Streaming Engine service for this app.In this app multiple people can join video streaming and also share their camera view as like as Bigo live Multi -guest.Here is the image.Is it possible with Wowza streaming Engine.If possible can any one share the references.

I’m also wondering whether we can implement this feature with wowza streaming engine.

You can build something like this using Wowza and WebRTC for desktop browsers, but we don’t fully support it just yet for mobile phones, which is what the app Bigo is- a mobile phone streaming app.

Hi @Sabekur Reza,

you are going to face a few challenges:

First, think about your clients’ bandwidth.

streaming to Engine from your mobile is widely supported using RTMP, RTSP, SRT or WebRTC.

At the same time (and sharing the bandwidth) you need to receive and playback multiple streams (or a single stream if you combine all the videos on the Engine).

So you might want to transcode and reduce resolution/bitrate.

Latency is another issue you will face. How are you planning to playback the video ?

HLS will have latency. You can again use WebRTC or RTMP

Let me know