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Multi language using OBS

Hello .Have anyone stream multi language using OBS as the encoder to Wowza Streaming Engine and willing to share there setup.
So far I have created the tracks for 2 Lang Eng and sp. Using udp stream to .stream files and the file. From there thing go down hill :unamused:
Please assist. Thxz

Hi @Egbert_Williams, I have not, but can ask if our engineers have done this through OBS.
Thanks by the way for adding an image to your avatar! :+1:

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So @Egbert_Williams have you tried doing this with a SMIL file? What protocol are you trying to play these back over? So I can better understand your workflow here. Are you trying to do this through the REST API?

We have an article for both live and VOD streaming with multiple audio channels. You will need to use a SMIL file to present the audio tracks separately. MPEG-TS live streams are supported for input for multi audio live streaming.

If you wish to force one audio channel only we have a module for that.

Our test players are limited in their support. Please test with a few different players.

@Rose_Power-Wowza_Com The goal is to stream out using a rtmps stream in other language. Therefore, putting out HLS is not my goal. The module appears to be made of VOD streams not live Thx

Hmmm…I’ll need to check, I’ve never seen anyone stream RTMP in and RTMPS out for multiple audio tracks in a live stream, but not to say it’s impossible, It’s usually mpeg-ts to HLS, but again I’ll need to check @Egbert_Williams- may not hear back until Monday though. :slight_smile:

It appears that we can ingest multi-channel audio from OBS via RTMP (they list Wowza as a compatible streaming server)

It’s not something we have any guides for though.

As for RTMP(S) playback that includes multiple audio channels, I would think that is very player-specific and we are not aware of any at this time. We support this for HLS or MPEG-DASH for compatibility and future-proofing.

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I am going through the hls setup in the documentation.

Hi @Egbert_Williams, one of the engineers suggested you take a look at this in case it helps you.

Thanks all for all the responces

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Egbert_Williams Have you found the solution yet Egbert? I am in the same position actually and struggling to sort it out.

There is a solution using HLS in the documentation.
I took a different path… I used a patameter in the transcoder (mainconcept.channel_copy) to separate the incoming stream into two languages. I send one language on the left and the other on the right. The parameter makes two streams by copying the stream into l1l2 and r1r2
In this format I can do HLS(V,[r1r2,l1l2]) or two RTMP(S) (V,r1r2) and (V,l1l2)
Optionally you can use ffmpeg to repackage the stream before wowza but in my view more work has to be done on the SRT / MPEGTS ingest to make it more compatible to OBS and multi-language