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Multi-Platform/ Multi-Bitrate Live Streaming Optimization Consulting

I am trying to get some assistance with a live stream. we are using a Live Multi-Bitrate currently streaming HLS to mobile devices and rtmp via flash players to desktop complainant devices. The main issue is I ahve between 5-10% of my users complaining about buffering constantly, some have sound but no video, and a few others have video but no audio.

I am using 3 wowza servers to distribute the load with the primary server accpeting the stream, transcoding the different bitrates and distributing.

We are in the process now of looking into using Dash instead of Flash for the desktop complaint devices to try and reduce the issues. I would like a professional that has experience with higher load systems to assit me in optimizing my setup and trouble shooting the issues.

Centos 6

Wowza Streaming Engine, Latest version, just updated this past weekend

Looking for quick assistance on this.


This seems like a tasks we could help you with. We would like to get more info about setup and goals and present you with options, based on which you can choose to proceed or not.

Please contact us at for more details.