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Multilanguage Live Streaming


I have a question about live streaming in multilanguage.
First question: is it possible? Same video with multiple audio tracks?
Second question: Is it possible with a SRT source with 1 video and 4 audio streams inside?

The idea is to give the user the possibility to select in the webplayer the language he prefers.

Thank you very much in advance,

There are several articles on the Wowza website that may be interesting for you:

How are the different tracks identified in the SRT stream? Out of my head it’s possible to define the PIDs that must be included in the mux.

what encoder do you plan to use to publish multilingual SRT ? OBS and some other encoders are capable to mux audio tracks as a separated audio PIDs
while vMix muxes audio in a single PID with 7.1 audio channels. You may ask for multilingual SRT + Wowza Streaming Engine solution in Hire Consultant section of the forum.

Hi Alexey and Karel,

the idea (but this is just an idea) is to use a hardware Encoder (Haivision Makito X or X4). In the stream settings you can define the video PID and the different audio streams PIDs.

But I’m a bit confused about the player, which should support the multilanguage streams, giving the user the ability to switch between languages.

Custom addon for Wowza Streaming Engine will allow to support SRT produced by Makito encoder with different audio streams PIDs.
Most of HLS capable players like JW or Clappr could be used on the viewers side .

Hi Alexey, what do you mean exactly for “custom addon”? Is it something that doesn’t come with the normal Wowza Streaming Engine Installation?

Hi Davide,

custom addon is a functional module for Wowza Streaming Engine which is not coming with the normal installation.
It could be developed by a third party vendor. Forum’s branch
is permiting to disscuss such third party solutions. You can post your topic there to get a proposal.

Thanks Alexey! I’ll check a few things first