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MULTIPLE SERVERS - Load Balancer - Origin/Edge


I did setup with success the Load Balancer and the Edges servers, also I did already my player to identify the redirect IP and it are working good!

I have 3 servers running, one as a Origin and two as a Edge, so here is the question/problem:

I noticed that the edges are getting new users connections and working fine, how can I also use the origin server? The thing is, the edges servers are getting a lot of connections and the origin server is very empty because only the edges servers are in use.

I really want to be able to use all 3 servers and divide the connections between 3 stead of only two servers.

Sorry to mark it as urgent, but I just have two days to fix it and have it up and running.

Best Regards,


Hi Carlos,

It’s very easy. Just set up an edge application in exactly the same way on the origin Wowza server.

It is best to create an edge alongside the origin, rather than clients playing from the origin. You make security more difficult if you do that.



Use this for that:


Yes, you can use them together. Put them both at bottom of the Modules list. It should not matter what order the two are in.


Take a look at the security notes in this guide:


I don’t quite understand, but it doesn’t sound right. If you mean the Load Balancer Listener, you only need one of those. Each edge must also be configured as a Load Balancer Sender.


Hi Carlos,

It’s very easy. Just set up an edge application in exactly the same way on the origin Wowza server.

So what i understand from here is thtat to use the origin server i must setup the same listener and edge server vice-versa, so each wowza server would be also listener and edge ?

What I meant was if you have just one computer, there won’t be any load balancing. You need at least two computers.

Yes that sounds right.

Referring to the Loadbalancer README.html and the Live Repeater Quickstart:

Origin computer:

configured as both loadbalancer listener and sender

1 liveorigin application

1 liveedge application

On each of the other two edge computers:

configured as loadbalancer sender

1 edge application

I suggest using the method mentioned in the LiveRepeater tutorial section: “Use (simple) Published Stream Name”.

Hi Randall,

I think about doing that before, but I saw your cote in this forum that say:

… Read the included README.html, and setup your two loadbalancer applications (origin and edge). You can set them both up on the same Wowza server for testing purposes. But, for the loadbalancing to do anything useful you would need at least one additional computer with Wowza installed, and an edge application. …

and I decide to asked it first, but if it works without a problem like you mentioned, I will do it. Thanks for your quick response.

Thank you! I understand that.

Hey Randall,

I have an other question about it. If I sent people over to the Origin Application will have any problem with it? The way I set it up was by the ip number, so every server have a same APPname (I repeat it across the others servers), so when the redirect IP came the Player just change the IP and the rest is the same so example:

It is almost like this: rtmp://XXX.XX.XXX.XX:1935/APPname/APPname



So If I create the edge (APPedge) now in the same server where I created the origin it will return just the IP as redirect and it will connect direct to the origin.


I appreciate the info guys!

I have one more question, I have installed and I use the ModuleLimitConnectionsToApplication to limit the amount of users per application, in case that I want to stream to 7000 users and at the same time I will limit each server like this SERVER 01 with 2000, SERVER 02 with 2000 and SERVER 03 with 3000, will it work?

So I want to know if when SERVER 01 gets the limit that I set (in this particular case 2000 users), will it automatically forward the new users to the other server that still has enough limit? And after just keep filling SERVER 03 until it also reaches the limit that I have set that is 3000 users?



Thanks Richard,

Can I use both? ModuleLoadBalancerEdgeLimitConnections with something like 2000 to pause the sender and use the ModuleLimitConnectionsToApplication with something like 2005 to not allow a lot people connect direct?

With that I think I will be all set with this settings, because I will be able to complete limit my Application Connections and will not have error.

Hi Guys,

Should I have the ModuleRTMPAuthenticate into it to block anybody that tried to streaming using it? Or the liverepeater-edge already do not accept any connection from software like Adobe Media Live Encoder?