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Multiple Streams from single axis camera


I have a StreamNameAliasMap.txt that works well for my streams from various cameras, but when I have 2 separate streams pointing at the same camera ip, it seems as though it won’t allow both of them.

Can I pull 2 streams from the same camera at different bitrates, or will I need to set up another instance of wowza in order to pull these streams?

I’m on mac osx server 10.5. Also to verify, it’s possible to have multiple wowza instances running concurrently on a mac? Does that involve purchasing another license?

It is not possible to pull a camera more then once unless the camera supprts rtsp interleaved mode. Take a look at the most recent rtsp/rtp instruction in the live encoders section of the forums. It discusses how to turn on rtsp interleaved.


Yes, all the Axis cameras that I have tried support RTSP/RTP interleaved.


I am using the Axis Q1755 IP camera model. I’ll see what I can do.