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My player stops playing while switching one video to another

I created a live stream and started pushing some mp4 videos from our application server using ffmpeg package to wowza streaming engine as a input. When I play the transcoded HLS url in my player, it plays the first song with out any issue. But while after completing the first song our server starts streaming the 2nd song in 5 to 10 secs interval. But my player stops plying the while after 1st song completes. If we refresh the page / player then the 2nd song started playing.
Looks like our player stops playing if no videos content available for 5 to 10 secs. Let me know how can we play the 2nd video with out reloading it again. Do we have any configuration to be enable to make HLS url active?

If you have a live stream, you need to have a continuous input, not an input that stops (when song #1 is done) and then starts (with song #2). Your source assets may also have difference characteristics, which can confuse the packager. If you want a continuous live stream, create a (SMIL) playlist on forehand and let it pull the assets from disc. Or use a plug-in like the Playlist Management Add-On to dynamically program a playlist; that’ll simulate a broadcast playout system.

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