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My streaming app only displays PORTRAIT

Simply put. I need to take a feed into the cloud and send it via .m3u8 to my app. Not a problem except my app doesn’t support landscape and I don’t want to watch the playback in portrait mode in 16x9. Cause it’s small and stupid.

I have looked through the forums and I feel like this questions is sort of addressed. Can anyone clearly explain to me how this can be accomplished?

Meaning the center 1/3 of the the 16x9 frame is what is seen on the app.

Well, in the other posts they were probably using our GoCoder SDK for mobile apps, but we’ve discontinued that as of April 2020 as far as issuing licenses. In that SDK, you could do some aspect ratio work with portrait vs landscape. Let me see if if we have another mobile SDK you could use that would work with Cloud and you could accomplish this.

Hi @French Dave, so I checked in with the Cloud and Engine team. The Cloud transcoder will not expose this resizing of the video, but Engine would. Other options may be Softvelum-Larix SDK or through Lightstream, but Wowza does not advocate for any company over the other- that’s your choice.

Any encoder would be able to do it, but as far as the media server that would support it and stream it properly to your app, it would have to be Engine and not Cloud at this time.

Hope that gives you some direction for a potential solution.

My last suggestion @French Dave would be to ask in our slack channel where we have developers from all around the world in there from many other companies. I’d ask in the Mobile channel.

You can join here: