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Nagios check for Wowza


If you would consider writing a nagios check plugin that connects to wowza and verifies that it is sober and ready to serve that would be great. :slight_smile: Please consider this.

I have been looking around for any rtmp or wowza spesific nagios check with no luck this far and it seems to me that you guys with your intimate knowledge of rtmp and wowza it would be fairly quick to create such a check.

Update: I did read the post about nagios checks from 8th jan. However what were suggested in that post is not the same thing as interacting with the wowza server using the rtmp protocol.

Take a look at the HTTPProvider interface. It is a quick way to add an HTTP interface to the server. This might be an easy way to write just such a plugin. Or you can use one of the HTTPProviders that are included with Wowza Pro:

	<!-- <BaseClass>com.wowza.wms.http.HTTPServerInfoXML</BaseClass> -->
	<!-- <BaseClass>com.wowza.wms.http.HTTPConnectionInfo</BaseClass> -->

Configuration is done a port by port basis in [install-dir]/conf/VHost.xml.


There is not a public API for this at this time.


Already saw that in another thread - but what I had in mind was an actual rtmp speaking check. Seems theres no such thing out there.

Just found this earlier today by accident… Seems to be what you are looking for.


I write one plugin for Nagios, check this link:

Please any recommendation are welcome for improve this plugins