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nDVR and record transcoded stream but not source stream


We have an increasing number of IP cameras that stream H264 with G711 audio to the nDVR. Since Wowza Streaming Engine does not support re-streaming G711 we are using the transcoder to transcode the G711 audio to AAC with the video in passthru.

While this works well, we end up with two nDVR instances and two recordings (one for the source stream and one for the transcoded stream).

However, since Wowza doesn’t restream the G711 audio the source stream nDVR & VoD are useless to our viewers.

So is there any way (either config or via API) to take the source stream thru the transcoder and only save the transcoded stream to the nDVR and VoD recording?

Doing this will save us a lot in disk I/O and disk space.



Hi Jo,

You can enable ModuleDvrRecorderControl from our module collection to specify which streams are recorded to DVR.