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Need custom live webcam broadcaster/viewer apps with Wowza + Amazon


I need someone with Flash/Flex experience to build live webcam broadcaster and viewer apps that work with the Wowza media server. I will handle all the html/js, I only need the Flash and Wowza specific portions to be built.

The broadcaster’s stream will initially be public and allow all viewers to view it. Broadcaster will then have the option to switch to a new stream and allow a controlled list of 1-N viewers to connect to the new stream. Viewers that were connected to the old stream should then only see a static image. There also needs to be an option to record the stream on the media server for later retrieval.

Broadcaster app should be able to detect available bandwidth and then use appropriate quality settings (frame rate, etc) to optimize the overall video quality. It should also use h264 encoding to allow viewing by as many different devices as possible - including ipad. I realize the ipad won’t run the flash viewer app that I’ve asked for, so I will write the html5 viewer for it.

Communication from the flash apps to the backend for the controlled viwer list, announcing stream-id’s, and any other required communication can be done via http requests or websocket. I will provide the webservice or websocket to faciliate communication from your flash app and/or wowza server to our backend.

Let me know what other details you need to provide a quote.

Would like to have this done within the next couple weeks. This is for a bootstrapped business with a somewhat flexible budget, but I beleive this can be done for less than $3K. Let me know if I’m wrong.



We will be able to help you. If you are interested please contact me via email to continue the discussion: (please include a link to this thread in the body of your message).

Best wishes,

Polina Sapunova

Fora Soft LLC