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Need to Set up RTSP livestream to bypass Corporate Firewall

Hello everyone,

I have been given the task of streaming an IP camera to the Wowza Streaming Cloud Service, but I am within a corporate network that blocks various ports (1935) being one of them. One of the only open ports is 80 and (I believe) 443. The IP camera is using RTSP via port 554. I have configured the Wowza Streaming engine to broadcast the stream file to the Wowza Cloud via port 80, but to no avail. Can anyone explain how I may be able to get this done? We would be interested in purchasing a subscription once we accomplish a successful stream.


Thanks for contacting Wowza Support!

Can you confirm you configured the ports via this ARTICLE on your Engine setup? If so, does your error logs show any messages, and if so, can you post the error messages here.

You can also open a ticket HERE and we can look into further.