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Need Wowza/Java consultant for a Realtime Captioning Module

We’re looking for a developer that can create a module using a websocket that sends video and receives text captions in realtime. It “seems” to be a combination these concepts:

  1. Ingesting AMF onTextData captions
  2. Inject timed metadata using a Wowza Streaming Engine HTTP provider
  3. Create a WebSocket server with the Wowza Streaming Engine Java API

We want to use the Assembly AI API described at “Using real-time streaming”. (I’m unable to include links with this post, but Googling seems to get you right there.).

Please contact us if you believe you can accomplish this.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Greg. I could do that for you. I’m actually former Wowza and wrote quite a bit of the captioning system in Wowza Streaming Engine. I’m now an independent consultant.

Reach out to me at

Scott Kellicker

Hi Gregory,

we can develop the module for you.
If you do not yet have an agreement with Scott, please contact us at

With regards,
PWI Team