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Newbie question: Wowza and video conferencing

We are seeking the appropriate platform interactive edutainment communities. The main requirement is the support for video conferencing, to be integrated into social content management framework.

The closest open source solution seems to be Bigbluebutton/Drupal, or OpenMeetings/Moodle.

However, both Bigbluebutton and OpenMeetings are built upon Red5, and are deficient in several important features (load balance, audio mixing, live recording, non-Flash streaming, memory consumption, performance, etc.). So, Wowza (or perhaps erlyvideo) would be the attractive replacement for Red5.

What is the blueprint to develop video conferencing based on Wowza? Which modules/addons are appropriate? In which extent the additional custom development has to be performed? What are the relevant working demos or tutorials or reference implementations?

Thank you in advance.

The core supporting feature of Wowza for conferencing (many to many video streaming) is the StreamType “live-lowlatency”

There is a simple VideoChat example that ships with Wowza in the examples folder. And you can look at this Flex example

There are several commercial chat applications that support Wowza. Flashcoms, AVChat


I don’t know a lot of CMU software, but maybe you could be interested in Big Blue Button, that’s a great open source software. We use it at TALCOD (French Web and Open source agency I work in) to build videoconferencing tools tailored to each organization and I can tell that customers are quite satisfied with it. It is also possible to join a videoconference by phone call. Hope it helps!

I can’t help a lot but maybe you should have a look on BigBlueButton, that an open source videoconferencing tool really efficient we used in TALCOD (French Web open source agency I work at). We can create videoconferencing rooms that allows you to join a conference even by phone. That’s efficient and easy to use. Hope it helps

We use web video conferencing appliances from RHUB for conducting video conferences. You may consider the same instead of developing new video conferencing tool.

I’m not really sure, but not that I know. Wowza only supplies relatively simple client examples, because Wowza is focused on the server-side of streaming.


Richard, thank you for your reply.

I have seen your VChat application. However, I would expect to see Wowza-based analogs of or - i.e., rather lection-style moderated meetings (not many-to-many chats), amended by “blueprints for developer”. Can I find something similar in Wowza dev community?

Thank you, Richard

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