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OffTopic: Log Analyzer

Hi all!

I am currently searching for a good way to analyze my Wowza-Logs.

As far as i can see, there are only two product made for streaming, Casterstats and Sawmil… I tried both and i’m not very excited about them. There is Piwik, but using it with “long” requests (start AND endtime) seems to be a hack.

What do use? It like to hear from your experiences!




In Wowza Streaming Engine 4 you can use the built-in monitoring. Please see the article below for details.

How to monitor server connections, load, and application statistics



Don’t overlook Excel (or other spreadsheet) or your favorite database if you have sql skills. The tab delimited access or stats logs open nicely in Excel, or can be loaded into database (in mysql use load data infile). Use Data>Filter in Excel as an easy way to see different views.