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onTextData to CEA-708 captions for Japanese char support

There is a problem getting Japanese characters displaying in CEA-608 captions. Is there a way to convert CEA-608 to CEA-708 from onTextData to support japanese characters., Injecting these don’t display correctly.

初めての Wowza Media Server クローズドキャプション。
これは、画面のより多くを占めるはずの、はるかに長い 2 番目のクローズド キャプションです。

The current WSE implementation only converts to CEA-608 and the character sets supported by CEA608.

Short of Wowza adding CEA-708 support, I think there are two options:

  • Using WebVTT captions from WSE should support Japanese characters. Of course this option depends upon your players supporting WebVTT
  • You could create a custom Module to inject 708 captions into the Video frames.

Scott K

ok so it needs to be 708 to support japanese charactersets ? Im wondering if it can be converted from 608 to 708 in the module ?

Yes, 608 does not support japanese characters.

The Wowza module could be enhanced to create 708; or a new module could be created. 708 is considerably more complicated than 608 and you would only want to implement that parts of 708 that you would need. 708 has many many features.

You would also want to look at what your players can support.