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Origin/Edges : all mounted on the same S3 bucket with s3fs. What could happen?

Hello all !

I use Wowza since couple of weeks. Everything is on Amazon (one origin server and many egde servers behind a load balancer). I use the version 4.1.

I tried last week to mount a S3 bucket thanks to s3fs. I set the storage directory of the nDVR plugin on this mounted S3 bucket (the same mounted bucket for the origin and the egdes). For this test, there were only one edge and it worked with some users.

I read on this forum that it is not recommanded to use S3 like this. But if I have only one origin server (that writes) and many repeaters (that read), is it really so dangerous? What could really happen? Can s3fs be disconnected? Could it be the same problem with any other mounted directory? Is a read/write conflict possible?

Because I use Amazon AWS, I wanted to avoid:

  1. using ESB storage (for nDVR)

  2. converting in live the stream in mp4 files

  3. pushing mp4 files on S3

  4. read mp4 from S3

I don’t need mp4. I really wonder if this architecture can handle the load…

Thank you in advance for your answers !



PS: right now: I use a “common” system: origin + edges + mp4-conversion + moving to S3.


The performance of S3 really isn’t sufficient for nDVR. Read and write performance is key and that really isn’t what S3 is for.

EBS backed storage is ideally suited to the nDVR applications.