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OSMF load balancing

Hi all,

I’ve succesfully set up a Wowza streaming environment with several edge servers. Now I want to set up a webplayer using the Adobe osmf player ( Streaming directly from a node works fine, but I want to use the loadbalancer also for the web application.

According to this thread I assume that it is possible with the OSMF player: but simply give the player as streaming adress does not work. How do I manage the player to get the redirectet loadbalanced adress for streaming?

Thanks a lot!

There is not built-in support for the NetConnection 302 method. There is in JW Player and Flowplayer 3x (not sure about v5).

For other clients, it’s pretty easy really, you just have to use the http method:


, which returns “redirect=[edge-ip]”

You can do this in your application server (e.g. PHP load() command) as you are forming the player to know what edge to connect to. So in the case of the OSMF player using the configurator you would have to modify the embed code that you send to the client.

You might also take a look at this OSMF 2 configurator. The one you are using we think still uses OSMF 1.6:

For rtmp streaming it probably won’t matter that much, using OSMF 2 probably has more benefit if you are using it for Flash HTTP (sanjose) streaming


Not with those OSMF players. You can do it with JW Player 6:



Yes OSMF player supports ABR streaming.

The live tutorial shows a .smil file and under is the example for Adobe HDS player (OSMF compatible),


Thanks a lot! I created a few lines of php code and adjust the embed code of the osmf. Works great.

One other question: whats about adaptive bitrate streaming? Does OSMF support this?

Thanks a lot! Works great.

Two more questions: is there a way to have smil with rtmp? I currently get it only to work with HDS and HLS. And is there a way to manually switch the bitrate in the player?