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Paid live shows and lost video streams? Help

Yesterday we have two live paid shows where we lost video feeds totally. Very unhappy.

This is what our health screen looks like. We were getting some 404’s on the stream maybe that has to do with the CDN?

I am loosing customers. Help

I’m not sure if the community can help you with this question; my advise is to contact Wowza Support ( as they can check the Wowza Cloud logs etc. and try to find out what happened.

Sorry this occurred. I followed up to see if you submitted a ticket in regards to your streams failing to deliver video.

Wowza’s response was:

"After reviewing this with our service partners this appears to line up with a reported outage with Google Compute services. I’ve linked to their status page below for additional details regarding this outage. "
Incident began at 2020-09-24 18:25 and ended at 2020-09-24 19:31 (all times are US/Pacific ).

We have not been able to replicate this since this incident was resolved by Google Compute services."

Very unfortunate and frustrating no matter where the issue was and I hope your clients will be understanding this was outside of your control.