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PANASONIC Viera Cast HLSPlayer problem


I am now being tested using Panasonic TV and wowza media server.

Panasonic Vieracast support HLSPlayer function.

I have one problem.

Panasonic HLSPlayer can play apple dev site.


But, wowza media server cannot play.


VLC player(ver. 1.2.0) and my iPhone can play.

So, I checked wowza log file.

Panasonic TV always set c-user-agent.


When I set wowzasessionid, x-event have seek stream several times and stop stream, destroy stream.

Please, help me!!!

I think this is a player issue. If it is working in iOS device then you are doing it right as far as Wowza configuration.

If the audio is MP3, you might try AAC instead. Roku box can handle playlist.m3u8 URL but it has to be AAC audio.


Dear Richard,

Thank you for reply.

I have already tested AAC format. Wowza media smaple file is MPEG4 and AAC format.

Another vieracast application can play stream using Wowza server.

I think I must more try and fail.