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Perform implementation in UDP

Good morning, we are trying to implement UDP on the computer.
Firstly, a script has been run to expand the UDP flow rate so that multicast could work on CentOs.
Then the local network unit was configured to send the IPs, leaving a Wan network for access from the internet to the server and the local one for the IPs. Then we proceeded to configure the channels in the Wowza.

When starting the channels, the bitrate remains at zero so they are not seen.

I would like to know why the bitrate is happening, it is zero, because in other computers that we have with Windows we do not have problems, but nevertheless with this one that has CentOs we are having them. Greetings.

What does the contents of the .stream file look like; and what MediaCasterType do you choose when starting the stream?

The .stream is a live video over IP and MediaCasterType is rtp, it is a video that comes from an IP player.