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Perpetual license migration from On-Premise to Cloud Server


We currently have a perpetual license for Wowza installed on our on-premise server. We are in the process of planning a migration to Cloud VMware.

Our migration solution involves using VMware Converter to transfer the on-premise virtual machine to a VM guest and then importing it into ESXi on the cloud.

Once the migration to ESXi is completed, the on-premise server will be shut down. Subsequently, we will activate Wowza on the Cloud ESXi.

Do we need to be concerned about the status of the perpetual license when moving to the new server?

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Hello @Boonpot_Jarearnsakpa,

I would suggest having the Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza Streaming Engine Manager services stopped when the migration happens. Once it is complete, start it on the new instance to confirm everything is working.
There should be no issue with licensing unless:

  1. The new instance is blocking outbound port 80 for licensing purposes.
  2. The new and old instances are on at the same time. If this happens you may be out of compliance.