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Plan for features of SRT & CMAF in WSC

Hi, I’m interested in the future of live stream with SRT & CMAF, to achieve low latency and stable and scalable.

If Wowza has prospect to support them in Streaming Cloud, could you tell me about the plans?

  1. GoCoder will support to send stream to Streaming Cloud transcoder with SRT?

  2. Streaming Cloud transcoder & the outputs will support CMAF?

In my understanding, Streaming Cloud transcoder can receive SRT as stream source now.

So, if the two will be supported, I look forward to provide lives for users with Wowza Stream Cloud.

Thanks for asking @YUUA ONCHI, we do not have it on the Wowza roadmap at this time to support Cloud/CMAF workflows.

You can use the GoCoder free app as a camera source in Streaming Engine and send it for playback with SRT as a stream target, but you cannot do this with the GoCoder SDK where you build your own app.

We can only ingest SRT from an SRT encoder at this time in Cloud and our GoCoder app and GoCoder SDK do not support SRT. You’ll need an SRT encoder to send it to Cloud.

Thanks for reply.

I understood the roadmap.

But I’d like to expect the support, if it could be possible.

According to tech support, Wowza won’t be able to provide support for any CMAF workflow you asked about in Wowza Streaming Cloud. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear in my first response.