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Playing a .mov or a m4v in Adobe Flash Player (Mozilla)


I am an absolute newbie to Media Streaming and have just downloaded the trial/evaluation version of WowzaMediaServer (running on Linux).

I am trying to play the Extremists.m4v file that is explained in the QuickStartGuide.

The QSG directs us to “double-click” the .html file (simplevideostreaming).

Could someone please give me a detailed step-by-step explanation of the process? Should any code be written?

Thanks a ton in advance.



That Quickstart VOD tutorial is complete, there is no code to write, just the configuration steps 1, 2 and 3. Skip step 4 if you are not doing Silverlight. Then open the example and play.


If you’re not running a GUI in Linux (as most people running Linux servers never install X Windows) There’s obviously nothing to ‘click’ on.

Those are simple HTML files. You can use a webbrowser to view them. You can install a webserver on your Wowza server if you want, then just point the doc directory to where the example files live. Or, you can just copy the example files to a webserver that you have and edit the HTML code in those file to point to your Wowza server.

Most of the example docs are kinda written for windows users… or those who are use to clicky pretty gui’s. So if you’re not a ‘clicky pretty GUI’ person then you’ll have to do a little tweaking to be able to use the examples. By far just tossing Apache on the Wowza box is quickest, but does prevent you from using port 80 for Wowza.