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port 8083

INFO server comment - CMDInterface now listening: [any]:8083

What for 8083 port and can I close it? I can’t find anything about cmd interface.

You can remove /conf/Server.xml /CommandInterface.

Just comment out or remove the whole block:



This is from the config reference in the documentation folder where Wowza is installed:


HostPort definition for the Wowza Server command interface. This interface is currently only used to allow remote shutdown of the server. The entire CommandInterface section should be commented out when a server is deployed into production


What is this CommandInterface for?

On my server this port is already being used and Wowza is complaining about it.

If commenting this block out can this have some bad consequences in the future or is it better to change the port?

Thank you!

Great! Thank you!

I didn’t check that document :wink: