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Possible to add SDT (Service Description Table) in stream?

Is that possible to add SDT (Service Description Table) in any stream?

Hello @Syed_Mairaj and welcome to the community! :smiley:

That looks like something that is only applicable to MPEG-TS streams in a specific PID. Not the same as metadata as I was contemplating at first.

I don’t know if it is possible to write a module to inject those or not - but the output would have to be MPEG-TS. I think the best thing to do is submit a support ticket and we can assign an engineer that may have worked on something similar.
Good luck and I hope we can make it easy for you to do!

I am not owning wowza right now, it’s just my requirement before purchase, secondly is that possible to ingest UDP or Zixi stream to wowza then wowza to vMix? and Wowza support NDI as well?

No we do not support NDI streaming.

Yes we can accept a Zixi stream as long as it is a protocol we support for ingest. Here is what we accept.

can you please tell me how can I accept (ingest) a Zixi stream in Wowza Streaming Engine? and then forward that stream to my vMix?