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Prevent HLS stream downloader plugin from downloading

Hi all,

We are developing an internal training VOD web application. During the testing phase, we notice that user with HLS stream downloader plugin installed in Chrome CAN download and save the digital content on local machine.

Is there a way to prevent digital content from downloading to local machine?

Appreciate the help,

Your only option to block against this is to use Encryption so even if they do download it, it’s scrambled and useless. We have several options for you to set this up in Engine. You would want to use AES-128

Is there an option that works with EZDRM? Could you provide guide on how to implelment it?

Appreciate the help!

From this URL : ,

to configure AES-128, we need to prepare the following in .key file for each stream file.

cupertinostreaming-aes128-method: AES-128
cupertinostreaming-aes128-key: 0x123456789ABCDEF123456789ABCDEF12
cupertinostreaming-aes128-iv: 0xFEDCBA9876543210FEDCBA9876543210
cupertinostreaming-aes128-iv-include-in-chunklist: true
cupertinostreaming-aes128-key-format-version: 1

1- not sure what to put in for ‘cupertinostreaming-aes128-url’? We use EZDRM
2- the rest of settings can be leaved as is?
3- can we have the same content .key file for all stream files and just have key filename is different?

Appreciate the help!

For further assistance you will need to submit a support ticket. The forums are not an official source of technical support. We just provide resources and general direction. To receive direct support in setting up DRM, you need to send the ticket.