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Problem with player buffering on fastly CDN


Today i have serious problem with Stream Target to fastly on wowza cloud. All stream have problem buffering and theoplayer, bitmovin player, videojs and HLS playback on safari are same problem. Buffering not allow play correctly

This not happend with akamai or WSE., The problem is only with Fastly playback.

Any ideas or bug reported?

Sorry you never got an answer here @hieluki

There was an issue about a month ago with stream targets in Italy that has been resolved. There was also an issue on Fastly’s end about 3 weeks ago that resulted in streams failing through. That was also corrected.

What I’d like to suggest since you no longer got an answer here, is to sign up for wowza status notifications. When there is any sort of issue that may affect your stream, wowza will notify you by email and provide a workaround for the issue as well as a timeline estimate for resolution.

You can sign up here: Click on the button at the top that says Subscribe to Alerts.

UPDATE: The issue with stream playback in Italy has been fully resolved. No further workaround is required.