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Problem with Wowza when i have traffic on streams

Hello. I am currently having some problems with the Wowza Streaming Engine. When we get lots of traffic on our streams, the video tends to have lag and to buffer. When this happens i go to Wowza Streaming Engine panel from my host - > Server - > Restart . After i do this step, it all works fine for 1-2 hours and then this problem happens again. I remind you that this happens when there is traffic on our streams. By traffic i mean 500-600 people. I specify that my server can handle big traffic. I have 16 cores, 128 GB ram, 2 Gbps bandwith. When i have 500 people on my website, the bandwith is at 800-900 Mbps , so the issue is not from here. Can you please help me with this issue ? I’m tired of restarting from Wowza so everything to work ok.


Hello @Caspa Ltd.

The first thing I’d do, is check the logs to see if there are any messages that point to a cause. Do you use any custom modules or modification to the configuration? And which protocol do the viewers use, are these all HLS, MPEG-DASH, or RTMP, etc?

Hello @Karel Boek .

In the logs there is nothing that points to this cause. I don’t use any custom modules or modifications. Viewers use all types ( HLS, RTMP,MPEG ) .

That’s the weird part, after a server restart from the Engine Panel, everything works ok. I suspect to be from a cache or from Java. I have the caching disabled…

Another thing that i’ve noticed is that after a restart the Wowza Heap drops from 60-70 % to 20 %.