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Problems trying to run gocoder SDK sample with swift

Hello im trying to run gocoder sdk sample with swift.

Im using Xcode 9.2 and also an iPhone 6s with iOS 11.1.2

First i replace WowzaGoCoderSDK.framework with the SDK binaries files that come inside of gocoder-sdk-ios-build-0735-v1.0.5 zip file.

I assing the licence key mailed to me, to variable SDKSampleAppLicenseKey in class VideoViewController, if im wrong please tell me.

I have some issues compiling. First of all i had this warning.

I used ‘Fix’ to avoid this issue in the switch case and added this in the end of switch:

case .ready:

and build is successful but if i try to run on my iPhone this is what i get:

It looks like the library was not correctly installed. Please try running the sample app provided in the zip file with the SDK. This already includes a reference to the library. You should only need to replace the license key and change the bundle ID to match what you have received when you registered.