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Problems with ModuleLoopUntilLive

Hello? I have a problem with ModuleLoopUntilLive.

I have install ModuleLoopUntilLive in Modules in live application. Add 2 custom properties in live application:

/Root/Application loopUntilLiveSourceStreams String

/Root/Application loopUntilLiveOutputStreams String pool

First - is my live stream

Second - live stream of mp4 files, that made by StreamPublisher. This one I want to playback while no streaming of

While I try to view wowza don’t show the pool stream although the is no stream on

If I try to see the pool stream directly - it’s play’s.

What I did wrong?

I’m not quite understand what you are seeing. You would not see the pool stream while viewing directly. You should see source being played on the “pool” stream when it is started.

With Loop until live setup, and running, a user view the the output stream “pool” will see your looping .mp4 files until is started. should be a .stream file in the /content folder that contains a rtsp or udp url pointing to a IP camera or mpeg-ts encoder.


Hi Mark,

What stream type do you have set on your application?

If you have it set to live-repeater or rtp-live, then this is most likely why it is not working.

You must set it to live and use the Stream Manager or Startup Streams to start the ip camera stream.

The reason it won’t work is that the live-repeater and rtp-live stream types are designed to make an on-demand connection to the remote source. They will ignore the stream created by the scheduler and try to connect to a remote source that has the same name. This is just the way that these stream types work and it cannot be changed.

When the stream type is set to live, and the stream is started using the Stream Manager or Startup Streams, Wowza will try to connect to the remote source every 12 seconds and if that connection is successful then the loop module will switch to the live source stream. When the source goes away, the loop stream will switch back to the vod file.

If you are still having issues then please zip up your conf & logs folders and send to Please provide a description of the problem and a link to this and your other thread.



I have just the same problem as

Im not able to play a local video stream (like BigBugBunny for example) until the live stream are ready.

In my case y have a stream file that pointing over rtsp to ip camera, and a local mp4 file that must to be played when the camera are not online/emitting signal, but nothing happens, the local video are not shown in place of the stream.

But with the “test player option” if I pointing to the local video file it works, so it is not problem that the local video loop fails.

I need this please help!!!

It’s working now.

I have set the stream to live.