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Proxied wowza getting users ip address from either x-forwarded-for or x-real-ip

I have wowza behind a proxy and am looking for the proper header to set such that wowza sees the request coming from a users ip instead of from the ip address of the proxy. I’ve tried to set the x-real-ip but that fails… I’ve also tried x-forwarded-for but that also fails. Can you guys let me know which header value to set so that wowza uses that ip instead of the ip of the proxy?

Thanks for all your help.



I think this has come up recently, and that there was not a way to do that.



I think it must be REMOTE_ADDR in the case of HTTP requests at least. I don’t think you can proxy rtmp streams.



Thank you for the confirmation on that. I was hoping I could modify the request to expose it to wowza. Do you know what property of the request wowza uses to determine the ip of the client?




I too would like to use Playback Security using XFF (X-Forwarded-For) or set c-ip to XFF. We have a load balancer appliance in front of some edge servers and would like to use the option “Include client IP address in hash generation”. The Secure URL works fine however it seems the hash is using the c_ip.

I will look into if I can preserve the c_ip somehow however it would also make sense if I can choose the XFF header instead. If this is not possible perhaps there is an API hook where I can change the method.

Please let me know if anyone has an answer or has made any progress.


Hey Chris, that code will not use the XFF. However, it is possible to retrieve, but you’d have to build your own.

Hello, I also have same issue. Anyone found solution?