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ps survivor space full

When we use Jconsole monitor the Wowza, we find ps survivor space suddenly will peak at 100%.

Is there any way to fix it?


Hi jiwan,

What are the steps to reproduce the issue?

I saw you other posts about multiple vhosts, threads, CPU load. If this is the same issue, please pick 1 forum thread to continue. These issues are probably related to your multiple vHosts. You should post somewhere your tuning settings.

We can’t reproduce the issue. We only have maybe 250 concurrent users but the memory fluctuate dramatically. It’s a real time conference system. It will rise up to 1.5G from 0.5 G. Sometimes memory will be about 2.5 G

Maybe it’s our software problem. CPU load is 300%. And then the server start to loss some RTMP message. Is it normal for so high cpu load? Is it normal to get about 900 threads?

It’s very hard to debug on the server side