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Pseudo live from vod

I’ve been given a link by Wowza on how to add a few lines of code that will cause a VOD to play at a specific time as if it’s a live stream does anybody know how to put that in or available to hire to put it in because when I call professional services to ask what my budget is for adding three lines of code LOL and Support won’t help

I assume the 3 lines of code is Java code?
If so, you will need to compile the Java code into a Java jar file (ie a module) and deploy it to your Wowza server (in the /lib folder). Then the Application. will need to be told how to load that module.

I think the user docs cover building and deploying custom modules if you want to do it yourself. I imagine the custom module will be a bit more than 3 lines of code, as there is a bit more to it than just that (unless I am not understanding)

I know there are also some standard custom modules for doing this kind of thing. So maybe the 3 lines of code is configuration?

The fact that the link you refer to only mentions a few lines of code doesn’t automatically mean it’s simple or cheap.

Here’s a link that may help you

In addition to the replies you received, here is a video tutorial with a Wowza engineer walking through the steps for the StreamPublisher (stream scheduler)

Hello Amado,

My company have developed Wowza module PWI Playlist management Addon for Wowza Streaming Engine which simplifies creation of pseudo TV channel. The module has web interface and allows to schedule MP4 files without coding or SMIL files editing. You may review module’s demo page under the link above and e-mail us if any questions.