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Publishing android MediaCodec h.264 video frames using Adobe’s Real Time Messaging Protocol to Wowza streaming engine causes server error

I’m developing an android mobile app which encode h264 video stream and transmit it to Wowza streaming engine using Adobe’s real time messaing protocol.

I’m familiar with Wowza go encoder app/sdk. however, due to irrelevant constraints, I’m not allowed to use it.

The android’s MediaCodec h264 video frames (which is encoded according to Wowza streaming engine recommendations) are transmitted to Wowza steaming engine through RTMP protocol standard.

The handshake, connection request, start stream/publish requests are performed flawlessly, however, when I publish the video frames to Wowza I’m receiving a general server error which I cannot analyze. audio frames (encoded to AAC) are published successfully.

Was the process I described wrong? how can I troubleshoot this issue?