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Pull SRT stream (caller) from Wowza (listener)

I am looking to use Wowza Streaming Engine running in a cloud instance to receive SRT streams from various locations and be able to pull those streams using an SRT receiver/player on the ground in my office.

The receiver in the office is behind a firewall which I have no control over and permits outbound traffic ONLY. The security in the cloud I have control over so am able to permit inbound connections. Therefore I need the receiver to act as the SRT Caller to request & pull the stream from Wowza.

As I understand it Wowza currently only supports SRT Stream Target where Wowza acts as the Caller. Is this correct and is there any plans to implement Stream Targets in listener mode.

It would also be advantageous for Wowza to be able to generate SRT stream ‘on the fly’ when a pull request is received in a similar manner to how RTMP streams can be Pulled without requiring the manual step of a Stream Target being created.

That is correct. The SRT stream target is a caller where Wowza Streaming Engine is pushing a single SRT stream to a single destination. But, I can add this as a feature request and thank you for the post.

Thank you Rose.

How likely is it that this feature will get included into Wowza and potential timeline.
This is a feature my company is urgently in need of and if this is not likely to be implemented then we need to venture elsewhere for a solution.

Please add the listener mode capability to the srt stream target, that would be great!