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Push a stream to a Wowza server on EC2?

We have been trying to understand and read a lot of info on how to Push a stream to our Wowza server on EC2.

The examples that you have shows that the stream file that you set up at the server should read “udp://” is only working if the device, i.e the encoder is in the same domain…correct?

How should the “” file be set up when the Wowza server is running on EC2?


No, the file will contain the URI you mentioned (udp:// only if you have an encoder pushing an UDP stream to your Wowza IP on port 10000. Wowza will use the .stream file to connect to the local interface receiving that stream, on port 10000 and ingest it.

So, in your particular case, let’s consider that your Wowza server running on the EC2 instance has the IP address If your encoder is pushing an UDP stream to port 10000 towards the IP, providing you have the correct ports opened up in the Amazon firewall set up for your EC2 instance, you should see the UDP packets ariving on your Wowza server on port 10000.

Using the file, Wowza will be able to publish that stream by ingesting the packets arriving on it’s network interface from port 10000.

For more information on how to publish and play an MPEG-TS live stream using a Wowza server, see the “How to publish and play a live stream (MPEG-TS based encoder)” forum article.


txs it works…you got me on the right track:)


I’m glad I was able to help.