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Push publishing RTSP from WSE server to another media server


Some questions:

  • Is it possible to push publish RTSP streams from a Wowza Streaming Engine to another media server?

  • Does the Java API of Wowza Streaming Engine have support for push publishing of RTSP streams? (I.e. is is possible to programatically do push publish of RTSP from within one custom module of our own?)

We know about, and we have beein using for quite a while in our Java code, the Java class com.wowza.wms.pushpublish.protocol.rtmp.PushPublishRTMP for push publishing RTMP streams from within our own modules.

We would like to know if there is a Java class corresponding to PushPublishRTMP but for push publishing RTSP streams instead. If that is indeed the case, we would also appreciate some samples/examples of code making use of it (e.g. similar to examples for PushPublishRTMP at

Thanks in advance.

Jorge Nunes

Out of my head; use PushPublishRTP

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Here is a doc with samples for RTP Push Publish that Karel recommended for you @Jorge_Nunes.

If you need any help with it, feel free to submit support ticket.

My scenario was for push publishing RTSP (not RTP).
And for doing it from Java code in a custom module (not through the “stream targets” feature).

As I said: PushPublishRTP. RTSP is only a means of managing the session while actual data is sent over RTP at transport level