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Push streams to multiple edge servers?

We have a setup with 2 Origin servers.

So we can’t pull streams, so how does one push streams?

Need it so all streams are pushed, no matter what the name of the stream is.

Can’t have “push streamA to Server A and Server B” written 1000 time.



Hi, Jack.

Its not 100% clear what you are asking, but maybe this will answer you.

You can push a stream to a primary origin server, then have 2 or more edge servers re-stream from that origin and also act as origin servers for clusters of edge servers that re-stream from this second tier.

An example would be:

Encoder > One Origin (liverepeater-origin) > Two or more Edge/Origin (liverepeater-edge-origin) > Many Edges (liverepeater-edge).

The StreamType “liverepeater-edge-origin” is the key to unlimited potential scale. For more information about this, please see this guide:

How to configure a live stream repeater



I made this the other day to show a mate of what we were thinking.

It shows a streamer from the EU streaming to a EU server. Then having their stream replicated onto to US server so viewers can pull the stream from both EU and US servers.

As long as we are able to push to either server A or B and pull the same stream from A and B then that is what we want.

It is to have redundancy and better connectivity for streamers and viewers.

Does that make sense?

Anyone got ideas on this?

Have you checked the PushPublish Module or Stream Targets feature?