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PushPlugin does not work with dailymotion

Hello all,

I’m testing for a week the WMS 3. In a few words, here’s the project. I have an IP camera Panasonic and I have to publish the images through live stream on dailymotion.

After facing some problems with the audio part (g.726 or g.711) of the Cam (solved by using a trick found here, VLC re-streaming to WMS), I’m now stuck on the last part… Dailymotion isn’t showing me my stream :(…

I’ve installed the pushplugin and i’m sure it’s working as i succeeded in sending my stream to Akamai.

So, when i check the logs of WMS, it gives me :

onStreamCreate:: WebcamBGTVLC

Found configuration dir, passing to streamNotify

PushPublisherRTMP : Config file name ->


PushPublisherRTMP : APPINSTANCE NAME ((definst))

PushPublisherRTMP : STREAM NAME ((

PushPublisherRTMP : connecting to rtmp://

PushPublisher.connect[rtmp://]: Wowza Push Publishing AddOn 1.0.0 build1587

RTPDePacketizerMPEGTS.handleRTPPacket: MPEG-TS over RTP


RTPMediaCaster.Reconnector[8903794:WebcamBGTVLC/]: done: 1

UDPTransport.firstPacket: bind:/ msg:/

RTPDePacketizerMPEGTS.handleRTPPacket: IMPORT: programID[prg:0x1,filter:none]

PushPublisher.addSession[rtmp://]: {[0]: 30536958 }

RTPDePacketizerMPEGTS.handleRTPPacket: IMPORT: audioPID[prg:0x1,pid:0x44,filter:none]: streamType:AAC:15 audioLanguage:unknown

RTPDePacketizerMPEGTS.handleRTPPacket: IMPORT: videoPID[prg:0x1,pid:0x45,filter:none]: streamType:H264:27


PushPublisher.callConnect[rtmp://]: publish-dm/definst

MediaStreamMap.getLiveStreamPacketizer: Create live stream packetizer:

PushPublisher#ConnectResult.connect[rtmp://]: result: NetConnection.Connect.Success description:Connection succeeded.


Connection succeeded, it seems.

But now i’m stuck, i cannot figure out what’s next.

Did someone succeeded in dailymotion live streaming ? And if yes, is it possible to have a clue of what’s missing or better a sample of .jar and cnfg files to go further ?

We are just ready to buy WMS 3 (i’m using the trial version) and i’m just a little bit under pressure :frowning:

WMS is great, whatever !!! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help :wink:

I’m not sure. Have you tried the simple push example? I looked around the site but not sure what guidance you are following to publish to the service. Do you have a link to guidance from Dailymotion re publishing a live stream?