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PushPublish with IP address binding


I would like to know about the IP address binding with the pushpublish feature.

Currently, I’m using two NICs that the one is for local VPN connection, and another one is for public internet connection.

In this case, I would like to use the pushpublish feature with the local VPN connection.

How do I bind the NIC for the pushpublish feature?

Hello Takayuki,

What Stream Target type are you trying to use? If you’re using MPEG-TS to a multicast network, you might need to setup the outbound binding. This can be found in the /conf/VHost.xml file as shown in the following article:

The binding can be configured in VHost.xml under Root/Vhost/RTP/Outgoing.

Best regards,

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for your reply.

I would like to use SRT as an outbound protocol.

In this case, could you support it?

Best regards,