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hi. this is yoon who working at KRC.
our company user ur wowza stream engine and player for cctv streaming to our web-site.
CCTVs are setting at Agriculture Infrastrucutre about 4,500.

I heard wowza stream engine is no longer available, so as a manager of this web-site im curious something.

how about our server and player lisence already buying?

i read ur ‘notification’ that customer support services are able to next year fall.

after thet day, we’ll can’t use this streaming service?

if like this, it is so embrassed.

we already buying and set many server and have been connected many cctv camera.
so it is very difficult migration and find a alternative solution.

is it a right after next fall, our company can’t using ur straming services ?

Wowza streaming engine is not going anywhere.Having said that, for sometime now we have been notified of the end of life of the player.
There are many third party players that can replace the wowza player.