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Question of how to calculate the Checksum in the configuration of PlayReady


Now, I am doing the settings to the delivery of SmoothStreaming using the PlayReady.

I’ve set to reference this page.

ContentKey was made algorithm that has been described in the documentation on the Header of PlayReady published by Microsoft.

Checksum be created in the algorithm are described in the same way,

I demonstrate its performance, but the error code 6018 will occur.

It is described in the “How-to-secure-Smooth-Streaming-using-PlayReady-DRM” for confirmation,

Although I have created a Checksum with the KeyId and ContentKey sample,

It has become a value that does not match the Checksum listed on the site.

Checksum value of which is described in the site or would value obtained by calculating the correct algorithm.

In addition, if an error code 6018 occurs, can you tell me where to find the cause.

(Because I am English that was translated by Google Translate, please forgive me that it is the text is hard to read.)

For your information the checksum in the example is wrong.

The correct one is:

smoothstreaming-playready-checksum: AuS8jKk/73s=