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Question on hmac hash


First time poster here so go easy on me if I forget something. I am currently trying to secure a livefeed broadcast with wowza. I am using PHP and specifically the hash_hmac function. I set the hash to sha256 but am having trouble figuring out what the query string should be.

I followed this tutorial:

and got all the way to the end where it says generate the hashed token. It lists a bunch of variables but doesn’t say which are required or if all are required. I also did the usual google search and came up with this github repo:

but I followed its query string which seems to differ from the documentation and the hash isn’t being accepted.

Does anyone have some experience doing this last step?


Thanks for contacting Wowza Forums!

The variables are listed so you can choose what to use in the hash. all the variables do not need to be included.

This section HERE lists what you can set in the has, but all are not required.