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Record video stream WowzaStreamingEngine 4.8.17


I previously had the Wowza3 version. LiveStreamRecordExampleModule_3.5 was used to record rtmp streams. But now, unfortunately, it is lost and I have Wowza 4.8.17+1. Please tell me how can I set it up on the current version. As far as I understand there is a module wms-plugin-livestreamrecordexamplemodule_4.0.jar Where can I download it?

Is there anything specific that this module could do? If you want to control recording then the best way to do that is probably via the REST API.

The plugin exists on wowza’s github repo. You will need to. Build it manually for the latest server. You can access it here > ({GITHUB}/WowzaMediaSystems/wse-plugin-autorecord)

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