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Recorder Error

When initiating a Recorder via LiveStreamRecording HTTP for recording, Some times I am getting the “Recorder Error” Message at Wowza Engine Manager.

My Wowza version is 4.1

What will be the issues behind?

Can I get a notification via a module when the action “Recorder Error” happened?




Can you please provide more detail about your workflow? Can you also confirm there was an available live stream you were attempting to record?

Check the logs for any related, and or unrelated errors when the warning happened and please share them here. Also if you can grab a screen capture of the error in the manager that would be helpful.



Nin, sorry for the late reply.

It looks like the encoder of the problem stream was not able to establish a connection with Wowza. Does it work if you try to re-establish the connection?

Are there any other related error messages in the logs?



Hi Salvadore,

My scenario is:

When a camera is connected to my server machine I will issue a jmx commad to start the stream.

Then I am issuing start recording via livestreamrecord http url once I got notification from Wowza - IStreamRecorderActionNotify -> onStartRecorder

Most cases this will function perfectly except sometimes, I am getting “Recorder Error”.

The related error log:

ERROR   server  comment 2015-06-10      07:35:36        -       -       -       -       -       690744.493      -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       
[live/_definst_]LiveStreamRecorderMP4: /var/storage1/camera_1/1_2015061007314972091_0.mp4: 

The related image:

Best Regards,


Hello Salvadore,

Sorry for the late reply.

If I re-establish the connection, still it is not working.

Actually I am initiating recording, once I got notification from Wowza -> onSegmentStart()

Unfortunately that is not working for certain streams.

But when I added a


in onSegmentStart() before sending me the notification the recording starting perfectly.

Is there any right way to check stream is started perfectly, and notify me along with stream name?

PS: I don’t find any relevant logs for the same.

Hi bluestone,

Please test your recording workflow with Wowza 4.2. There was a fix described in the 4.2 release notes that resolved NPEs generated from a live stream recording that was split before the first video packet was received (resulting in a null video track).

Hope this helps.