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Recording DVR to shared file system by several wowza instances

Hi, We are evaluating an ability to get working the following setup. 1) nDVR setup to be recorded in append mode. 2) Streaming to the first wowza instance using the same app/stream name 3) Streaming to the second wowza instance using the same app/stream name 4) So both instances write to the same DVR folder (but NOT simultaneously) since the stream name and application is the same.
For example we streamed 1 min to the first instance, then switched to the second one and streamed another 1 min , then switched back to the first and streamed again 1min. So in a result we would get DVR concatenated from 3 pieces. The problem is that result DVR is not playable afterwards. So it looks like besides stream name, wowza engine maintains some state which is unique to the instance and gets linked to dvr meta data.
What could be done to make DVR recorded by different instances to be playable and recognizable by any of these instances? And if it is even possible?
Thanks for any ideas!

Hello @Sergey Blyashov,

This forum is called “Hire a Consultant”, and meant for inquiries for paid support from authorized (external) consultants. If you’re looking for support from Wowza, you may post your question in, or join the Slack community (

If you want to hire a consultant to help you find a solution, don’t hesitate to drop me an email (although I doubt if it’s possible the way you’ve set it up)


Karel Boek