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Referer Validator module Bug?

I have a problem.

I explain this situation.

Two user is in there.

User A(IP Address x.x.x.140) is First Access user. Successful Authentication(i mean Saw a image and created session). and CAN play.

User B(IP Address x.x.x.36) is Second Access user. Successful Authentication. BUT CAN NOT PLAY.

Wowza version : 4.1.2

Module Collection 4.0 build 14147

Is it Bug? or my Fault?


In order to proceed, it is probably best if we can get your conf files. Please do submit a support request to, and include a zip copy of your [install-dir]/conf and [install-dir]/logs. If you can replicate the test again so that it is captured in the current logs, that would be preferable.

Please also send a link to this thread in your support request for reference.