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Relaying multiple mountpoints from Icecast/Shoutcast

Hi forum,

I’ve successfully set up my Icecast server to relay through Wowza and RTMP, which is fantastic.

However, my mount points change dynamically, so a static list of Icecast URLs in the /content directory doesn’t work for me. How can I set some sort of wildcard so that Wowza will relay all mountpoints from my Icecast server automatically?

In other words, when I request rtmp://mydomain/anyWordHere, I want it to connect to and relay http://myLocalIcecastServer:8000/anyWordHere.

Any help much appreciated

That isn’t a requirement. You can make .stream files with shoutcast urls in your content folder, but that’s optional. If you set up a Wowza application with a StreamType “shoutcast” you can play any shoutcast stream.


Playback on IPhone of shoutcast streams requires that you start with StreamManager. In that case you do have to maintain .stream files, or use /conf/StartUpStream.xml, or you can use MediaCaster API in module.


What kind of live applications?


Here’s an example:


Yes, and there are several options: You could add it to an application module and call it from Flash app, or you could do it with a HTTProvider and call it through http from a server page in your application server or directly in a browser, or you can do with JMX/JConsole, OR, command line JMX interface:


ok, thanks.

Does the same apply to “live” applications? I have followed the instructions for setting up Icecast -> iPhone streaming, but I assume it would work here too?

I followed the “All player instructions” at, I think I meant StreamType though… is this still a shoutcast application?

I’m having a look at IApplicationInstance.startMediaCasterStream now, I take it this is the way to stop and start streams programmatically?


quick question:

would the call to the mediacaster API have to be in a module? I was envisaging a small command-line utility which could be passed in the name and URL of a stream to start.

However, if I have to build a module, what callbacks would I be best relying upon?