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Reliability and performance of RTMP vs RTP for uplink

I have had some success using VLC as a source for live encoder uplink. I have noticed that the uplink quality can be quite flaky at a particular bandwidth to the datacentre when comparing an 1.3MBs ADSL connection to a 2MBs SDSL connection that I have available here.

I was wondering if using a local Wowza server on the LAN to accept the RTP connection from VLC and relaying over the WAN using RTMP to the datacentre would result in a more robust uplink.

I am going to experiment with this today but it would also be useful to hear some input on this. I read up on RTP and RTMP but haven’t yet found any comparison between the two in terms of which one is more reliable to use, specifically, as an uplink to the server.

Previously, with Helix server, I found from testing and experience that a TCP uplink always worked better than a UDP uplink to the server.

I am not sure that it will. Wowza Pro and Flash use TCP for network communication which will re-send packets if there are network errors. So it might be better.